Square Enix to See Big Profits

Shareholders rewarded as forecast is revised.

Posted by Staff
RPG giant Square Enix announced recently that it has revised its earnings forecast for the financial year ending March 2004. Delighting the board of directors and its difficult-to-please shareholders, the company said it expected to reel in 18 billion Yen this year, a 4 billion Yen improvement on previous forecasts. That's more than 92 million to you and me.

Dragon Quest V and Final Fantasy X-2 are certainly responsible for part of this gladdening news, but it's the online game of Final Fantasy XI that's turning heads at the moment, with Square Enix also announcing it has now surpassed its target to get 500,000 users into the world of Vana 'diel.

With Dragon Quest VIII and Final Fantasy XII to follow in the current financial year, we're sure Square Enix will go on to see another financial year to be proud of.


Joji 19 Apr 2004 12:09
All sweet that Squenix are raking in the bucks. Now that FF 1 and 2 are GBA bound, they can have more of my money too. Just hurry up, with more of the titles the west never saw in the SNES era.

It's also nice to see FFXI working out well. There's also Front Mission Online which also looks promising for the future. What needs to be done is for other companies to take a hint, exploit your back catalogue and try something online.

The key I think to pushing online gaming is quick fix games next to long games like FFXI. Top Spin is a good example. Also more variety is sorely needed.
Rod Todd 19 Apr 2004 13:00
GIVE ME Parasite Eve 3.

Or Shin Parasite Eve: Rebirth - as SPOnG has it! Then I'll put some more money in Squenix pockets...
Brown Force 19 Apr 2004 13:16
Well so long as they release a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance I'll be very happy. Possibly the best FF since FFVII IMO.

I'll have to renew my Subcription to FFXI one day too, it rules. Wonder if Dragon Quest will ever be released in PAL...be nice.
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