Killer Instinct - SNES

Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling
Genre: Beat 'Em Up

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Microsoft Denied Killer Instinct Trademark Renewal News

Thanks to a rubbish TV show.

04 Dec 2012

Microsoft Confirms Renewed XBLA Trademark for Killer Instinct News

Return of a classic franchise in the works.

18 Sep 2012

Microsoft Stopped Rare's Killer Instinct 3 News

More interested in broadening the demographic

22 Aug 2012

Rare: Killer Instinct Could Use Natal News

Studio wants to re-invent the franchise in new and interesting ways.

30 Nov 2009

Rare: "We Have a Sense of Humour" on 'New' Killer Instinct News

Banjo character says 'Yes'. Developers confirm nothing.

17 Nov 2008

Killer Instinct Vs Viva Pinata... Garden!? News

A Rare hybrid

16 Oct 2008

Street Fighter and the rest banned in Honduras News

New law bans huge amount of violent games.

10 Dec 2002

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