Rare: Killer Instinct Could Use Natal

Studio wants to re-invent the franchise in new and interesting ways.

Posted by Staff
Rare: Killer Instinct Could Use Natal
Microsoft-owned Rare does love a good tease or two. After pulling everyone’s leg for a decade about a Killer Instinct 3, a recent interview has hinted at plans to take advantage of Microsoft’s Natal controller if a revival of the franchise ever came to pass.

Studio head Mark Betteridge spoke to magazine Games TM about the future of the company and where it’s headed, and hinted that a new Killer Instinct game could take advantage of the motion-controlled tech.

Street Fighter IV looked great and they’ve done a great job, and I’m a big fan of those products, but with KI we want to do something different rather than go back into that arena,” Betteridge said. “I think it’s about doing something different than with a conventional controller.”

To add to the subtle hint, the magazine then speaks to George Andreas (head of design at Rare), who says there is a challenge in making Killer Instinct "for the masses". The final clue? Games TM concluding the article with "Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Natal hits the market before they discover if that question is to remain unanswered."

The studio has been at pains to re-create its classic franchises with unconventional approaches as of late, with its latest attempt, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, getting a mixed response from critics and platform fans alike.

Let’s hope Rare has some genius ideas to use for Natal, and isn’t just changing a game for the sake of being different. We’ve waited too long for a new Killer Instinct, after all. Should it come to pass, it better be freaking fantastic, whatever form it happens to take.


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