What Gives? Minecraft Xbox 360 Saves and the Xbox One

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What Gives? Minecraft Xbox 360 Saves and the Xbox One
It's Friday. Let's have some good news. Let's have some good news that suggests that big, nay, mega-big corporations are listening to you. Or at least one of them wants you to upgrade your current console to the shiny new one.

Yes, Microsoft has worked up a plan with Mojang to ensure that Minecraft fanatics will buy the Xbox One because this means that they won't lose their game saves. Easy really. Here's what Microsoft's top Xbox man, Phil Spencer said.

"After months of teaming up with Mojang, we can confirm that Minecraft X360 Edition will save transfer to Xbox One Edition...more news soon!"

Well, he tweeted it, To be honest, that makes tonnes of sense to do this for hyper successful games.

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