inFamous Second Son Soundtrack on Sale

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inFamous Second Son Soundtrack on Sale
inFamous Second Son (reviewed here) is hugely popular and exclusive to the PS4. But the soundtrack isn't... well, exclusive to PS4, we don't yet know how popular it is.

We could find out soon though as it's being put on sale by Sumthing Else Music Works. Frankly, it's a very good idea. This sort of thing has been happening with theatre and movies for decades so it's about time tht video games got the same respect.

The blurb says, "Featuring 22 original pieces from the score, the inFAMOUS Second Son Original Soundtrack album showcases an exciting collaboration between veteran composers Marc Canham (Far Cry 2, Driver San Francisco), Nathan Johnson (Looper, Brick) and Brain (inFAMOUS 2, Tom Waits, Primus). The score echoes Delsin's experiences finding and fighting his way through the forces that have besieged his city. A brilliant blend of chaotic guitars, musical sound design, and driving grooves, this innovative collection is inspired by both the plight of the game's characters and its iconic setting."

More info here.


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