Why? Microsoft Gives Away 'Xbox One Commemorative Kit'

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Why? Microsoft Gives Away 'Xbox One Commemorative Kit'
This can't be real life. Can we plug out of the Matrix now please? Microsoft is continuing its hardcore Pepsico partnership, by revealing that it has "a couple of deluxe DEW/Doritos/Xbox One commemorative kits" to give away, "complete with limited edition DEW and Doritos products." Good grief.

It's not said what exactly is included in this 'commemorative kit', other than corporate-branded junk and... junk food. We doubt there's an actual Xbox One console in there - which probably would have justified the more-than-500 entries found in the competition's comments section.

If you fancy offering a blood (sugar) sacrifice to the Pepsico and Microsoft demi-gods, then head to Major Nelson's blog page here. I'm getting a headache just looking at it.


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