Black Ops II Players Find Mass Effect 2 Disc Instead

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Black Ops II Players Find Mass Effect 2 Disc Instead
Bought Call of Duty: Black Ops II on PC? You should probably check the game if you haven't done so already - some gamers are finding that the second disc isn't the game they paid for, but instead a Mass Effect 2 disc.

Frustrated FPS fans posted complaints about their situation on Reddit, Steam and the Black Ops II and Mass Effect official websites. It seems that, if legitimate, the cause of the problem is down to a printing error at a manufacturing plant. The issue doesn't appear to be widespread - but that's no consolation for those who intended to spend their day off playing Black Ops II.

Imagine buying a One Direction CD, and discovering upon returning home that the disc was a Muse album instead. Or buying Pride and Prejudice and finding that the second half was chapters from Fifty Shades of Grey. I bought Super Monkey Ball from GameStation once, and I found the Super Monkey Ball 2 disc inside. It can happen to anyone!

Watch this chap and his video evidence of the error that has plagued his PC. It's not entirely fair to blame Treyarch for this whole hubbub, but no doubt it is quite annoying.


Matthew O'Donnell 13 Nov 2012 15:53
Glad to see a news site that is not scared to report these issues. Any chance you could get behind the stealth Xbox update today that has topped numerous Black Ops 2 Copies from being read on the Xbox due to 'Disc Unreadable'? Thanks
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