Microsoft's New Logo Sparks Longest New Logo Story in History

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Microsoft's New Logo Sparks Longest New Logo Story in History
Basically, the story is that Microsoft has updated its logo (we've got a picture of it). That has lead to the Seattle Times local newspaper running a MAMMOTH story about Microsoft getting a new logo.

Yes, 870 words detail the new logo that will almost definitely appear on the Xbox 720. Such gems of insight as:

"The Microsoft logo most people are familiar with today was the one the company started using in 1987. It featured a slice in the "o," a connection between the letters "f" and "t." Compared with the earlier logos, it looks more solid, stable corporate."


"The new logo, which incorporates a multicolored Windows symbol in addition to the "Microsoft" name in straightforward, lighter type, is intended to "signal the heritage but also signal the future a newness and freshness," said Jeff Hansen, Microsoft's general manager of brand strategy."

Awesome. Read the entire piece here then come back and kick us for running a story about it too.

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