BioWare: Ultima Forever 'More Than Just Dungeon Crawl with Friends'

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BioWare: Ultima Forever 'More Than Just Dungeon Crawl with Friends'
As a free-to-play game Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar might not be in the format BioWare's fans are most used to, but Jeff Skalski, Executive Producer has indicated that the game is very much in tune with the developer's MO.

Speaking to, Skalski said, "We have some of the best writers in the industry and even though we are scattered across several locations as an organization we do our best to share best practices among each other. Ultima Forever is more than just a dungeon crawl game with friends.

"At its core is a story of a journey with choice. The eight virtues are threaded throughout the game and your actions will dictate how you progress those virtues."

There's loads more granular detail in that interview.

(Via VG247)

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