BREAKING: Hackers Ponder PSP Firmware Ver 2.50

Latest upgrade promises new features – security changes unknown.

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BREAKING: Hackers Ponder PSP Firmware Ver 2.50
Sony Computer Entertainment is in the process of launching the latest Firmware upgrade for Sony’s PSP, unsurprisingly called SCEI PSP Firmware Version 2.50. The latest augmentation to the portable games and multimedia device offers some much-anticipated functionality as well as unknown security implications.

The known new functionality discovered to date includes:

- Streaming TV functionality region lock-out removed (UMD movies still region-locked)
- Auto Select and Uni Code have been added to browser encoding
- Browser Font option and display options can be saved
- Browser input history can be saved
- Korean keyboard input
- Copyright Video can now be played from Memory Stick - Licensing issues unannounced
- System setting such as time and date will be auto-set via Internet
- WPA AND PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access with Pre-Shared Key) have been added to PSP network settings

Firmware Version 2.50 is only available (officially, at least) to Japanese PSP owners at time of going to press, though availability in the US and Europe is expected within two to three months. Sony stated that all new PSP units shipped after November 1 will have Ver 2.50 pre-installed. Adventurous importers of PSP hardware can find the upgrade on Sony’s PSP page.

Meanwhile, hacker communities are mulling over this latest twist in the battle for boot-rights to PSP. Homebrew software use and wholesale piracy has been a major concern for Sony since it launched the PSP with its tentative stab at keeping out unwanted tinkerers…

We’ll keep a track on Ver 2.50 in the coming days.


warbaby 16 Oct 2005 05:23
I'm sorry Sony, but your really grabbing at straws now. I kind of bought the 2.00 release, but I mean, 2.01? and 2.02?... Now common, I'm no genius but am I supposed to believe I'm getting some added functionality with those new firmware updates? No thanks, I'm staying with 1.5 as long as possible.
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