Mojang's Minecraft Subscription Server is Live

Minecraft Realms is ready to take your money

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Mojang's Minecraft Subscription Server is Live
Minecraft Realms is the PC and Mac hosting service being offered up by Mojang in place of the old Minecraft Premium Account is live at a cost 'from £8.00 per month'.

The service offers subs-based hosting and also a range of mini-games offered up by Mojang. Beware, however, that, "You’ll need to be running the most recent release of Minecraft to use Realms. Snapshot releases are not supported." In terms of other points you'll need to be aware of:

• The host of a Realms server will have access to most existing commands.
• Subscriptions will be available in chunks of one, three, and six months.
• The base cost of €10 (£8) per month can be lowered for longer subscriptions.
• You’ll be able to export your maps at any time, even for a limited duration after your subscription has expired.

Find out more here.

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