Microsoft: PlayStation Has Not Won!

Phil Spencer refuses to answer a simple question

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Microsoft: PlayStation Has Not Won!
Phil Spencer is all go since taking the reigns that direct all things Xbox. But with E3 less than three months off, he's mostly trying to talk up Xbox One.

His big battle - aside from clearing up the misguided, non-games, focus laid down by Don Mattrick - is with Playstation sales.

But, when MCV asked him: "PlayStation has already opened quite a lead on Xbox. Is the battle already lost?" his response was evasive"

"We are early on in this console generation when you think about the multiple years that a console generation runs. We have obviously had the most successful Xbox launch that we have ever had. And our competitor has done incredibly well as well, and congratulations to them. "

So far, so political. "The story I like to think about is six to nine months ago both Sony and us were hearing about the death of consoles and whether consoles were still relevant. And here we are, early months into the launch of this generation, and we have both sold more consoles than we have ever sold at launch.

"You are seeing an incredibly vibrant console ecosystem, with customers coming in and buying the consoles, we have seen great attach rates with people buying games and the time people are playing on the console is incredibly high."

Realistically Phil, is the battle lost?

"The competitive race still has many years to play out, but I will say I think it is a good time to be a console gaming company, and I feel like the path ahead is incredibly strong for us if we continue to stay focus on the customer that we really need to win with."

Phew. So, we're saying that he's saying, is "We've not lost yet. PlayStation has not won. There's time left in this two-horse race". Don't thank us Phil.


fred 3 Apr 2014 16:17
ar. so microsoft are as big of a nob loser as the fans !
ergo 4 Apr 2014 05:42
To be fair, the PS3 stumbled much harder out of the gate than did the One, and Sony not only recovered but, ultimately, overtook the 360 worldwide.
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cfir 4 Apr 2014 12:16
The problem with your argument is that the PS3 was more powerful, but more expensive and difficult to develop for. So as the developers got more experienced and the console became cheaper more people bought it for the PS Exclusives.
PS4 is more powerful, cheaper and easier to develop for than xbox one. With a larger stable of exclusive developers. So where is Microsoft going to catch up ?
Keith 5 Apr 2014 03:14

Ha Ha, that's so true! I can't wait for Sony VR!
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