Minecraft Movie is Go

So says a leak and the leaker is Notch

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A great movie of a videogame
A great movie of a videogame
Movies made of video games or using video games as their inspiration always add something to the games that they rip-off... pay homage to/draw inspiration from. So, the news of a Minecraft movie from Warners can only be met with sobs of applause.

The news first broke as a rumour before being confirmed by Mr Minecraft - Markus Notch Persson via the power of the Tweet. The main man said:

"Someone is trying leak the fact that we're working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie. I wanted to be the leak!" There, from the horse's mouth unless, of course, the horse is double-bluffing.

The 'leak' in question was noted by Dark Horizons which stated that,"Warner Bros. Pictures has acquired the film rights to the popular video game "Minecraft" with plans for a live-action adaptation."

Producers Roy Lee ("The LEGO Movie") and Jill Messick ("Mean Girls") have been named, which means not much if the writer(s) haven't.

That said, someone should make a Star Wars Minecraft LEGO Movie and retire.

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