Possible New Microsoft CEO Could Sell Off Xbox

Microsoft needs new ideas, but this shouldn't be one of them

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Possible New Microsoft CEO Could Sell Off Xbox
Yesterday a respected financial company - Nomura - was asking that Microsoft sells off what it saw as a loss-making group that includes Xbox. Today it's being suggested by a respected financial news outlet that the frontrunner for Microsoft CEO will do just that.

We've already reported that Nomura analyst, Rick Sherlund, demanded that, 'Microsoft needs to spin out Xbox." Because he sees, "it as an orphan group at Microsoft that doesn't really fit with anything it's doing." Today Bloomberg suggests that ex Nokia man Stephen Elop, the frontrunner for Steve Ballmer's job as Microsoft CEO role may sell.

"Besides emphasizing Office, Elop would be prepared to sell or shut down major businesses to sharpen the company’s focus, the people said. He would consider ending Microsoft’s costly effort to take on Google with its Bing search engine, and would also consider selling healthy businesses such as the Xbox game console if he determined they weren’t critical to the company’s strategy," said Bloomberg's sources.

Oh, and we're just reporting it... OK?

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