Microsoft: Xbox One Will Start Ahead and Stay Ahead

Microsoft man slaps Sony and goes jargon kerrrrazy

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Microsoft: Xbox One Will Start Ahead and Stay Ahead
Microsoft Canada's Xbox director of marketing Craig Flannagan has gone sales and pre-launch Kerrrr-razzzy and has developed the ability to see 10 years in advance.

In that strangely childlike way that marketing people sometimes fall into when they sniff a bonus from the management, Craig began by bigging up his product over the PS4 with, "It's the most hardware we've ever produced. It's the most we've ever pre-sold. We're preselling a little over 2-to-1 from what we did with Xbox 360. The momentum on launch has been really good", before he went full-on.

He told GamesIndustry International, "Xbox One is going to start ahead, in terms of the experience we can deliver," using a superb gobbet of jargon there and keeping up the BS superbly with...

"And because we're built for the future, we're going to stay ahead. I think there is not a better experience you can buy this holiday, and there will not be a time this generation where there's a better experience you can buy than Xbox One...And it's probably going to be a pretty long generation. We're probably here for a while because we're built for the future. This is a console that will last you, conservatively a decade, if I had to put a bet down today."

Stop Craig! Calm down dude. But he can't!

Craig doesn't just see the console last 10 years, he sees it like this, "Much like 360, Xbox One's not going to look a whole lot five years from now like it does on November 22, 2013. I don't know where it's going to go, but that's kind of fun because we're built for the future. We do have a connection; we can change what things look like and how it performs."



hahaha! 7 Nov 2013 16:31
crushbandicuuut 7 Nov 2013 16:48
what a sony biased site this is!
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Col 7 Nov 2013 17:26
Neither PS4 or XB1 (or WiiU) will head onwards of 10 years plus, and there's almost zero evidence any of them have a chance of coming close to that in practical terms. If you want to get technical, I suppose the previous gen is getting close to a decade, but they'll be phasing out pretty quick. PS3 was touted as future proof, set to last a decade plus, not only will it not achieve that , in reality it's only had 2 - 3 years of realistically good production.
This is all typical PR trash. In 7 years from now, the current gen systems will be pocket calculators by comparison to the tech then. Not only processing power but control input factors etc..
Cloud processing might be the one factor that can push this gen longer, but I still don't have much faith at all that it'll come to any fruition. There's so many limitations. And I think currently we've had one abysmally tiny tech demo from NVidia that shows cloud processing in action.
john smith 7 Nov 2013 18:18
Hate Xbox much?
extermin8or 7 Nov 2013 19:15
@Col I agree really I do, except when sony and I presume Ms give a lifetime for a console they tend to refer to how long they'll support it for, not how long it'll be their main console so will the ps4 till be on sale in ten years? Probably will a ps5 have been out for a good 2-3 years... most likely and same goes for xenxt xbox.
RandomRandy 7 Nov 2013 19:33
No, wonder I haven't heard of this POS, no-name website. Crazy biased and not objective in any way. As soon as you can feel the emotion and sarcasm from a crappy journalist like yourself, that's when it's time to stop reading and never return. Enjoy your pathetic, biased, fanboy hate of the Xbox, it will cost you many readers.
Guest 7 Nov 2013 21:03
can't take you seriously when you don't know how to use A and An.
jazz 7 Nov 2013 22:08
What a pathetic biased article from a patheticly biased journalist/website. Never will I return here.
D 7 Nov 2013 23:32
True or not, I find it hard to accept the opinion of anyone who doesn't immediately think of 'flawed' when it comes to the XB line of consoles. I collect games and systems, been doing so since the Atari days. I've yet to see a reason to support this crap because all the games worth playing are available on better platforms.
o0RECON0o 8 Nov 2013 07:01
I don't care who makes it, I want the best gaming experientially and visually! 360 was the best last gen, got a hunch it will be sony this gen, but Im not committing yet to either console. Even though Microsoft messed up just about everything they possibly could, sony hasn't proven to be better yet. Ill wait for the dust to settle first. nd the reason why is because the 360 seems to have more tech options available and coming for gaming. Or else Id just go buy a sony. So Im going to wait this one out, first time ever i have been on the fence.
o0RECON0o 8 Nov 2013 07:03
correction to my last post. The xbox one seems to have more tech options available for the future of gaming
MartinB105 8 Nov 2013 07:05
It's refreshing to see a website call it as it is, without trying to sugar coat and dance around the matter under some misguided illusion of neutrality that doesn't exist. The PS4 is kicking ass and Microsoft knows it.
John 8 Nov 2013 10:48
Yeah sure dude, just like the xbox and 360? Hahahahaha PS3 came out NINE months AFTER the 360 and has sold MORE!! hahahahahah what s stupid c**t!
John Jairo 8 Nov 2013 12:20

Tim Smith 8 Nov 2013 12:34
Oh lads, lads. We're reporting the news, not making the news. If anybody from any company went rampantly marketing b******s mad like this guy - be it EA, Activision, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, SEGA, Nintendo... [insert your particular fanboyism here] we would call them on it with a wry smile.
Dan 8 Nov 2013 13:12
The PS2 lasted 13 years (with it's last game released this year), so i wouldn't be surprised if this next-gen can last 10 that's the minimum I would expect. Thing is both Sony and Microsoft will release another new console before those 10 years are up. Can't see the XB1 being ahead. If you look at the worldwide lifetime sales of the 360 and PS3 (i.e. not year on year - 2007 vs 2007, but 1st year vs 1st year), the PS3 has always sold more than 360.
dakan45 8 Nov 2013 13:45
@Dan as usual you are a massive sony fanboys.

Now pelase stop, shadowfall looks like s**t, both consoles are s**t. they are both behing pc and no ps3 DID NOT surpass x360 sales, check your facts disphit
Gruxie 9 Nov 2013 11:40

Yes it did. right now, the numbers are very equal to eachother, they swing back and forth between who's leading. And if you think Shadowfall looks like s**t, you're a complete biased f**kface. I admit both Ryse and Titanfall on Xbox One looks great, but Infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadowfall also look sweet.

And of course they are behind PC's, they cost half as much as a good gamer PC, what the f**k did you expect?
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