Xbox One Cloud Updates Could Break Your Session

Beware of automated updating says Microsoft exec

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Xbox One Cloud Updates Could Break Your Session
Xbox Live lead program manager at Microsoft John Bruno has been talking up the use of Cloud Servers in running games such as Forza 5 and TitanFall, which both make extensive use of cloud processing as well as storage. He also warns of a big possible problem.

He gave a presentation yesterday called ďOn Demand Compute: Power For Games" in with one report quoting him stating that, "the team at Respawn Entertainment was an easier sell on the idea, and that they were using the power of the cloud to great potential. Titanfall would be offloading CPU taxing things like AI and online NPC computations onto the compute servers." But he then proceeded to talk about automated operating system updates and things got sticky...

Igameresonsibly, which was there pulls this, "Once in a while, rather frequently actually, the host OS will require an update, meaning the physical machine is going to get rebooted, whether your code is running or not. Thatís a problematic thing for a game, and is oftentimes is in the middle of a multiplayer session, weíve worked very hard to overcome that, but thatís not to say itís going to be a reality in every case.Ē

Ouch. So he was asked about Titanfall and this:

"ďI canít answer that. I donít know what the guys over at Titanfall have built into their game. Itís up to the game developer. If they want to rely more on our XBLC service, weíre happy to support that. We do provide a platform for them to persist data, but thatís up to the developer to utilize that.Ē


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