Next Gears Of War 'May Not Be Made By Epic'

Microsoft talks about Gears Of War on Xbox One

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Next Gears Of War 'May Not Be Made By Epic'
Microsoft's Phil Spencer recently spoke about the future of Gears Of War on its next-gen console. He said that the next entry won't necessarily come from Epic Games.

Our friend Phil feels that Epic Games would be the "right team" to work on the next Gears Of War title, but he never categorically said they'd be the developers.

If you're a Gears Of War fan, you'll know that People Can Fly developed the last entry in the series (Gears Of War: Judgement), so another studio taking over for the Xbox One version isn't too farfetched.

Phil told IGN that a new GoW title would have to freshen things up a bit, stating that the game "ran its course on 360". He suggested that they would "maybe make it more gritty".

Erm, Phil, isn't Gears of War "gritty" enough as it is?

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