Rumour Watch: Apple to Launch "Joypad"

For some reason the iPad and iPhone aren't eating enough out of the traditional gaming market.

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Steve Jobs probably wouldn't have bothered with an Apple gaming joypad...
Steve Jobs probably wouldn't have bothered with an Apple gaming joypad...
The Game Developers Conference (GDC 2013) over in the States last week has thrown up a few surprises including a report that Apple is to launch a joypad.

Erm. Yes, apparently this isn't to be a gaming console, why on gods' earth would Apple bother given that its iOS devices are devouring huge chunks out of the simultaneously confused and arrogant console gaming audience's time. It's PCs can already emulate non-Apple PCs. Nope, rumour has it that a joypad is coming. initially had the tale stating that, "speaking anonymously, multiple developer sources have confirmed the news."

For it's part, Develop magazine has countered with the strange, "A number of developers said although they have yet to see the gamepad first-hand, Apple, operating under a different name at GDC, has told them what to expect."

We've also got to say that the people we've spoken to this morning have stated that they've not seen it yet but that they would not be surprised to hear someone stating that Apple and Google and even Ford have joypad's coming. Pocketgamer added to the mix stating that Apple's secret joypad is another, " example of the important of a game pad to big business" in the same way as "Samsung's surprise announcement of its Game Pad at the Galaxy S4 launch."

It goes even further, stating, "And to complete the picture, one developer source also told us that Google will be making its own announcement about an official game controller in the near future too."

Let's file under, "AppleTV might need a new remote control, right?"


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