Rumour: Next Xbox Could Be Revealed to Press This Week

That's a bit sudden.

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Rumour: Next Xbox Could Be Revealed to Press This Week
What's this? What's this? There's rumours in the air. What's this? What's this? A new Xbox we hear. Ahem. Yes. Anyway, according to various whispers on the internet, Microsoft has invited a select number of press to its fiscal year 2014 conference this Wednesday. This normally never happens! That must mean a new Xbox unveiling!

Super sleuth Superannuation tweeted, "Wait, select press are going to be at the Microsoft fiscal year 2014 event this week? I thought that it was MS partners only. Hmm. There are a bunch of invite-only sessions about Xbox."

MCV adds that Microsoft's fiscal year events are "not normally a place for game or tech briefings with the games press, and is normally reserved for investors and publishing partners." The event, taking place on Wednesday and Thursday this week, include various Xbox events concerning platform specifics and games.

Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 in a high-profile press conference last month - a move that has reportedly "taken Microsoft by surprise." Inviting a select few key press members to a fiscal event in order to show off a next-generation console will go some way to reinforcing that belief.

Whether it does give press a sneak peek at the next Xbox this week or not, the company apparently has plans to unveil the thing in public in an event in April.


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