SpaceTop Transparent 3D Computer - The Future of Games?

Is our future a bit Minority Report?

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Image via the Verge
Image via the Verge
TED fellow Jinha Lee has unveiled hardware that enables users to interact with digital objects in 3D space. The system uses a visual overlay displayed on a transparent screen.

The SpaceTop 3D desktop computer, which Lee has been working on with Microsoft, was shown off at the TED conference in LA.

The system uses a pair of depth cameras and a transparent display to map virtual objects to your hands and enable you to interact with them. This is supported by a keyboard and track-pad that enables more tactile input.

In an interview with the BBC, Lee emphasised how the technology might help designers, saying "The gap between what the designer thinks and what the computer can do is huge. If you can put your hands inside the computer and handle digital content you can express ideas more completely."

It's not difficult to imagine how it might work for games, though. Imagine what you see in the video, but with Worms. Or, 1001 crappy mini-games.

Still, Lee is talking about the system coming into general use within a decade. Over that kind of time period, it's difficult not to imagine tech using AR glasses doing the same sort of work.



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