PS4 Euro Developers No Longer has Mojang, Criterion...

But new devs are added to bolster to line up

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PS4 Euro Developers No Longer has Mojang, Criterion...
Sony has revised down its count of European PS4 developers quite substantially. When we say "revised down" were are massively taking the rise here. We mean "cut"... a lot.

And one of the devs cut from the list the Sony had previously released is Minecraft maker Mojang. There are, however, many more...

Ok, first of all you will see from the previous, huge list of Devs for PS4 released by Sony that Mojang, Blitz, Criterion and a host of other devs from Europe were included. This, should result in screams of damnation until, that is, you look at who has been added:

CD Projekt (who we knew about from the addition of Witcher 3 to the PS4 brood) is joined by Bohemia Interactive, Deep Silver, Ninja Theory, IO Interactive, Codemasters, 2K Games, and Sumo Digital.

So, the new EuroDevPS4 List Looks like this...
Avalanche Studios
Blitz Games Studios
Bohemia Interactive
CD Projekt RED
Climax Studios
Hello Games
Just Add Water (Developments), Ltd.
Deep Silver
Lucid Games Ltd
Ninja Theory Ltd
Nixxes Software BV
Paradox Interactive
Saber Interactive
Creative Assembly
IO Interactive
Starbreeze Studios
2K Games
Team 17 Digital LTD
Zen Studios
keen games
Splash Damage
Stainless Games Ltd
Sumo Digital
TT Games


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