Rumour: Microsoft to Unveil Next Xbox in April

Company apparently surprised by Sony's early move.

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Rumour: Microsoft to Unveil Next Xbox in April
It seems like Sony's 'surprise' PS4 event on Wednesday has made Microsoft sit up and take notice - whispers amongst the game development community are suggesting that the next Xbox could be revealed at an event in April.

Microsoft, for its part, is keeping mum on the subject, but according to a report on CVG the company is moving quickly to launch its counter attack in two month's time. But, if Microsoft engineers attend March's GDC event, it's likely that some big picture details about the next-generation console could be revealed then.

An anonymous Sony official had previously said that it caught Microsoft with its pants down by revealing details on the PS4 so soon. "[We] at first caught Microsoft off-guard... We definitely ruffled some feathers," said the source.

With rumours surrounding the PS4 largely becoming true, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft reveals about the Xbox 360's successor - a console that is said to be bundled with an always-on Kinect and requires an constant internet connection.

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