Rumour: Next Xbox Won't Function Without Connected Kinect

Mandatory installs also on the way.

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Rumour: Next Xbox Won't Function Without Connected Kinect
Not keen on Kinect? Well, prepare to live with it come next generation - according to the latest rumour doing the rounds, Microsoft's next Xbox will not function unless the bundled 'Kinect 2' is connected to it.

This all comes from Kotaku, which heard this information from SuperDaE - the guy who previously tried to sell his Durango development kit on eBay. He claims that the next generation Kinect hardware is vastly improved and is designed to track individual fingers and facial expressions.

On top of this, the next Xbox will ship with a 500GB hard drive, on which all games will be installed as a requirement. Such processes will happen in the background, with the ability to play games right away without having to face a loading screen. The console will also allow game and app-switching.

Believe any of this? Get the salt ready, as always.


Daz 13 Feb 2013 09:17
MS need to stop beating that dead horse, can't they get it through their retarded brains? The Kinect sucks, it doesn't work and no one wants it, they couldn't get the first Kinect to work(the Eye Toy worked better), do they really think people will have faith that a 2nd will work(probably, after all game breaking glitches are fine if the game is good)
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