Double Fine Developing for Ouya Console

Forget Xbox 4 and PS720 and Steaming boxes! Schafer is on the case

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Double Fine Developing for Ouya Console
Let's face it, Tim Schafer is brilliant and Double Fine is indeed doubly fine. So let us all breathe a collective gaming sigh of relief that Tim and co are getting involved with a new console that isn't a PS4 or Xbox 720 or some other piece of vapourware.

They are getting their game on with Ouya, which does sound like a Scottish cry of pain but (as you can see from this) is in fact a new games machine running Android due out this Summer.

According to VentureBeat, "Julie Uhrman, the chief executive of Ouya, said in her talk at the DICE Summit that she was excited that Bettnerís firm will make two games for her companyís console, which brings Android games to the television. She also said that Tim Schaferís Double Fine Productions will also publish its game, The Cave, and another upcoming game, Reds, on Ouya."




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