JJ Abrams: Portal and Half-Life Movies

Director Talks Valve Games with Gabe

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The JJMeister - Awesome insightful
The JJMeister - Awesome insightful
JJ Abrams. Busy guy. Not only does he have a reboot of an re-imagining of a cash-bang-wallopian Star Wars (Episode 7 that is) to deal with, he's also been on stage with Gabe Newell teasing us all about Portal and Half-Life movies.

Gabe and Jeffrey Jacob were at the DICE Summit when the JJ-man confirmed that talks "I am in you". He didn't say it like that though. He said:

"Yes, we are talking about doing Portal and Half-Life movies, and we're talking to Valve about doing games together."

JayJay will also be bringing some searing insight about the games industry itself to the party. Gems like the following don't come everyday:

"I think that as the gaming industry evolves, it will become whatever it becomes, because the stuff that works, in a Darwinian way, will prove itself. "


Source: GamaSutra


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