Nintendo States that Consoles Will "Not Die Out"

Nintendo also calls on Laws of Physics to Diss Sony's Cloud Gaming

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Nintendo States that Consoles Will "Not Die Out"
Nintendo is not impressed by cloud gaming such as Sony's Gakai, its president Satoru Iwata - and its legendary creative powerhouse, Shigeru Miyamoto, are both of the opinion that dedicated games platforms are here to stay.

Cloud gaming gets to dumped on in a recent call with analysts, in fact, that Mr Iwata goes full tilt even at its theory:

He says, "what we should be discussing is not cloud gaming but whether dedicated gaming platforms will eventually die out and whether handheld gaming devices and home consoles will one day be unified.

"Naturally, our stance is that dedicated gaming platforms will not die out and we are determined to create a future where they will not. In terms of our platform integration, as I explained to you a short while ago, we are not saying that we are planning to integrate our platforms into one.

"What we are saying is that we would like to integrate software development methods, operating systems, and built-in software and software assets for each platform so that we can use them across different machines. This means that if we manage to integrate our platforms successfully, we may in fact be able to make more platforms. At the moment, we only have our current handheld devices and home consoles because if we tried to make more platforms, our development resources would be spread too thinly."

Iwata also used an almost He-Man like cry to put a dampening reality check on Sony and other global companies' thrust into cloud gaming.

"By the laws of physics," said Mr Iwata, "it always takes some time to transmit data, and given the current level of Internet technology, there is bound to be some latency during the processes of a server receiving data, producing images instantly and sending them back. There are many things that cloud gaming cannot do by design, but this fact has not been communicated well to the public, and I find it strange that many people claim that cloud gaming is the future." He doesn't stop there either.

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bob 6 Feb 2013 00:08
Time for a signal to cross the entire USA at the speed of light 13.34 ms.
Time for an image to display on Wii U controller screen across the living room 30 ms.
There is no "laws of physics" that says this can never work.
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