Naughty Dog: The Last of Us Multiplayer is Not "Tacked On"

Separate teams working on different components of the game.

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E3 2012
E3 2012
Naughty Dog's latest PS3 epic, The Last of Us, will include a multiplayer mode! 'Gadzooks,' was the reactionary cry of the internet. 'We don't want this feature in our atmospheric post-apocalyptic single-player experience!' But calm down! The studio has every confidence that things will be alright - it has been working on it for a long time, after all.

Writing in response to some rather knee-jerky comments on the PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog's community strategist Arne Meyer assured fans that the multiplayer mechanic in The Last of Us won't dilute the game in any way, shape or form.

"We donít approach [multiplayer] in any of our games as tacked on," Meyer wrote. "And we also always have separate teams working on the different components so that we can maintain full focus on making [single-player] and [multiplayer] up to our standards."

The announcement was made over the weekend, when a new trailer for The Last of Us was released to coincide with US marketing-fest, the Video Game Awards. Have a look at the latest trailer for the game again, and have that faith restored.



Shane K. Firth 11 Dec 2012 11:54
I'm starting to think I am the only one who knew multiplayer was coming for this for a long time, after all, they did say it was going on six months ago.
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