Core Mass Effect 3 Team is "All Hands on Deck" for New DLC

Eight writers, chief composer and Seth Green amongst those returning to duty.

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Core Mass Effect 3 Team is "All Hands on Deck" for New DLC
The Mass Effect 3 DLC just keeps on coming! Following the response from the recent Omega add-on pack, Bioware has confirmed that its primary Edmonton studio is "all hands on deck" with a brand new chapter in the sci-fi epic.

It seems that the Canadian outfit is throwing everything it has at it too - eight writers are on board, including lead writer for Mass Effect 3, Mac Walters. The game's chief composer Sam Hulick is also making a return, as well as actor Seth Green (the voice of Normandy pilot Joker).

"It's all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every Mass Effect 3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved," wrote BioWare designer Jos Hendriks. "If my math skills are correct [that means] eight."

It's believed that this next DLC pack will focus on events surrounding the Citadel, but naturally Bioware is saying absolutely nothing on the subject.
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