Microsoft to Bring 'Cutting Edge' TV to Xbox Live and Kinect

Hiring a television producer

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Microsoft to Bring 'Cutting Edge' TV to Xbox Live and Kinect
Microsoft in the UK is hiring a TV producer to make 'cutting edge experiences' to be shown on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live. The hired prod will also have to create telly that can somehow make use of Kinect.

This news comes via a job ad on LinkedIn which states: "This is a unique opportunity to be a TV producer creating a whole new category of cutting edge experiences built for Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox Live."

We have no idea how on earth a non-interactive medium such as telly can work with Kinect but the ad is definitely there and definitely wants:

"Substantial experience working as a Producer within an interactive entertainment product team. On a number of known TV IP.
Substantial experience proven experience in managing the line production on medium to large scale broadcast shoots.
Strong technical background and familiarity the finance and business models inherent within TV production
Experience working deeply with creative teams and delivering end to end product designs (concepts, scripts, pitch materials etc.)
Working knowledge of technical process inherent across a broad range of TV productions
Experience leveraging external/outsourced partners to supplement and support product execution."

Thanks for OXM for the spot.



Daz 3 Dec 2012 18:48
So despite all evidence, they still think Kinect works? how are they still in business?
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