Wii U: Mass Effect 3 Not Getting Omega DLC

"Never say never" on it being released in the future, though.

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Wii U: Mass Effect 3 Not Getting Omega DLC
Nintendo fans will finally get a chance to experience some of the sci-fi majesty of action-RPG series, Mass Effect, when the final game in Commander Shepard's saga is released on Wii U. But, while Mass Effect 3 Special Edition will come complete with a number of expansion packs on the disc, the Wii U will not be receiving upcoming add-on Omega.

The game also omits the recently-released Leviathan DLC package that was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. EA has confirmed that these add-on packs will not be available post-release on Nintendo's eShop.

"Unfortunately it will not be available for Wii U," reads a statement on the official Mass Effect 3 Twitter page regarding Omega. "Never say never :)" was its response to releasing such DLC in the future.

Mass Effect 3 Special Edition launches with the Wii U in Europe on November 30, and includes some DLC content on the disc, including the additional character found in From Ashes, the Extended Cut and three multiplayer packs (Resurgence, Rebellion and Earth). It does not include the Retaliation multiplayer pack.


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