Mass Effect 3 and On-Disc DLC Details?

So claim fans of the massively popular series

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Mass Effect 3 and On-Disc DLC Details?
It seems that fans of Mass Effect 3 have discovered details regarding the upcoming Omega DLC product.

According to OXM: "Text files and a plot summary for Mass Effect 3's forthcoming Omega DLC pack have been discovered (or so fans claim) in Mass Effect 3 itself. " Those fans are over at Holdtheline. Now, let's be careful regarding the following SPOILERS...

The plot of the DLC that is set on Omega Station seems to be:

"Aria tells you that Omega is now under a blockade from Cerberus. Since a direct attack didn't work, Cerberus is now trying to starve Omega into submission by blockading supply ships coming in through the regular Omega relay. The level's appearance will change to reflect this - the Afterlife has gone quiet, the music is off, the flashing lights are gone, maybe a soup kitchen has taken over the dance floor. Aria requests that you steal into the blockade and board the command ship. Take down the blockade so Omega can be resupplied.

"As punishment for breaking the neutrality pact, Cerberus launches an attack against Omega. The enemy is attempting to destroy Omega's shields, which will allow asteroids and meteors to smash into the station. You must repel the assault and ensure the shield remain operational."

via OXM

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