gamescom 2012: Remember Me's Killer App - 'Memory Remixes'

USP for new Capcom IP.

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Remember... erm... Remember Me? Of course you do, it was just announced by Capcom earlier today. The company was happy to reveal a lot of details about the game, including the showcasing of a gameplay segment where protagonist Nilin does a memory scramble - or "remix" - of an enemy's mind.

Nilin had to travel around the open-world cyber-city, Neo Paris, to perform a hit on a military commander called Frank Forlan. He's a formidable enemy to the resistance that Nilin works for, and must be taken out. But instead of an assassination, the player is tasked with conducting a "memory remix" to make him believe that certain events in his past played out differently.

To do this, you sneak up to the floor of Forlan's office, and listen to him have an argument with his wife, who left him some time ago. By delving into his mind, you get to see a scene play out from his memories - the exact moment his wife walked out the door. Nilin's task is to change the events in that memory scene so that Forlan ends up shooting his wife dead.

This is done by rewinding the scene and selecting actions from a choice of options. You can opt to have Forlan take the safety off his gun, throw a bottle at the wall or turn off the lights. Picking the wrong sequence of actions will let the scene play out in a different way, and could fail the mission.

A successful remix will jump the player back into the present day, and showcase Forlan's torment in believing he killed his wife. He then reaches for the nearest gun and turns it to his head...

Remember Me was announced at Capcom's Gamescom press conference earlier today.


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