New Zone of the Enders Game Could Have Revamped Art Style

Kojima's Involvement in New ZOE 'Limited'.

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New Zone of the Enders Game Could Have Revamped Art Style
Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has said that his involvement in the new Zone of the Enders game will be limited, acting only as a support role in advising direction and pre-production. He is currently focusing on his new "Ogre Project" instead.

The new title, dubbed 'Enders Project', was announced last Friday and will be a true sequel to Z.O.E. and Anubis. Ryosuke Toriyama was introduced as the project's producer alongside Kojima.

While Kojima Productions does not intend to change the 'feel' of the game, Kojima did reportedly state that the studio is considering two directions for the game's presentation: either the classic Z.O.E. "Japanimation SF Robot" style, or a real-world live action approach similar to superhero comic book worlds like X-Men, Batman and Spiderman.

Kojima opined that in today's gaming world, a "global, high-end Z.O.E. style" is required, noting that if they went with the traditional SF Robot art style, the game could end up being very domestic-oriented.

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