Cliff Bleszinski Names his Fave PS3 Games

Yes, that's Epic's Cliff Bleszinski talking PS3

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Cliff Bleszinski Names his Fave PS3 Games
With the gaming world celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Xbox this week, it was easy to overlook the 'middle of a 10 Year Life Cycle' birthday celebration for PS3. Cliffy B hasn't though.

Well, factually, it's Cliff Bleszinski, and several other people including David Cage the Creative Director, Quantic Dreams; Raphael Colantonio, Co-Creative Director, Arkane Studios, and Randy Pitchford, the President and CEO, Gearbox Software.

Anyway, Mr B's favourite PS3 games are:

Heavy Rain - People toss the term ďInteractive MovieĒ around, but David Cage and crew actually delivered on that promise. Itís a thrilling ride from start to finish.
UNCHARTED: Drakeís Fortune - Indiana Jones died in the blast that nuked the fridge. Nathan Drake took up that helm and Iíve loved treasure hunting with him ever since.
Killzone 2 - Not just because itís damned gorgeous, but because the head engineer is the guy I made a little game called Jazz Jackrabbit with which kickstarted my career. Thanks, Arjan Brussee!

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DoctorDee 18 Nov 2011 08:19
Let me see if I have understood correctly. Cliffy B's Top *FIVE* PS3 games are:

Heavy Rain
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Killzone 2
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