Spat! Gears of War vs Minecraft Men

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Spat! Gears of War vs Minecraft Men
Markus "Notch" Persson - the man behind Minecraft is not in the good books of Cliff Bleszinski the man who is best know for TV appearances and Gears of War. And the argument is about Facebook and Oculus Rift.

Notch, you may remember has withdrawn Minecraft from Oculus Rift development plans because he wants the virtual reality kit for games development and not social gaming. Cliff thinks this is the action of a brat.

He begins his analysis of the Facebook/Oculus VR conscious coupling with the open and honest statement that he put his money where his mouth is.

"First things first - Iíve been very open with the fact that I invested in Oculus at an early round. I stand to make a very sizable chunk of money from this acquisition. I stood in Mark Reinís office with Brendan from Oculus, held the kitbashed first version to my face, and said ďThis is going to be huge, I want in.Ē

"Financially, Iím excited, but when that dust settles my heart says that I really, genuinely care about VR and I want to experience and enjoy it myself, and I have faith that it will still happen, and it will be better than ever."

He also points out what we've already noted: Facebook isn't planning to drop games development. He also makes the point, in terms of game makers, that:

"At the end of the day the fact that programming god John Carmack and up and coming tech god Palmer Luckey BOTH think this is a good fit SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING."

But then he ends in classic Cliffy B style - knowing the media creatures like us will pick this quote up:

"p.s. Notch, your cancelling Minecraft makes you look like a pouty kid who is taking his ball and going home. Itís a bratty and petty move and it saddens me greatly."

Full thing here.


vsZ Rage 2 Apr 2014 14:28
Shut up cliffs you silly nonce. You've only ever made two games worth any notice and suddenly your in a position to bash people in the industry for making their own financial choices with their products! Stick to what you know ... which is not much at all. With Sony entering the game, the Oculous might as well sell up and call it an early night/ no-one can take the wrap for a bad business decision but themselves.
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