Denis Dyack: Blows Own Trumpet Till Ears Hurt

Last of the V8s

Posted by Staff
Too Human developer and Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has been talking up his company's chances over the next decade.

First up, he comments on the state of the industry, "It's been really a rough year and a half for the industry as a whole. The number of layoffs in the industry has been staggering. I actually don't know anyone who's older than us any more. There used to be four or five people I knew of but I feel right now that we're one of the last of the V8s."

But all is not lost, with the Ontario government attracting game developers as fast as the UK government appears to be losing them, Dyack comments, "What that means for us is we're really excited because we're going to be able to come out, and the industry is going to rebound and grow, and we'll be one of probably five companies in the world that has any serious business beyond ten years."

One of the five companies in the world? Phew.

See our interview with Denis Dyack here.



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