Silicon Knights Sells Office, But is "Definitely Alive"

Studio hasn't yet filed for bankruptcy.

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Silicon Knights Sells Office, But is "Definitely Alive"
As Denis Dyack moves on to Precursor Games, his old studio Silicon Knights looks set to quietly disappear. Although it is still fighting a legal battle with Epic Games over a dispute concerning the Unreal Engine, new reports suggest that the company has closed down its offices and has sold off equipment and assets.

While Polygon believes that Silicon Knights "is down to just a few employees, has closed its office and has sold off office equipment and game assets," CFO Mike Mays has insisted that the studio is "definitely alive," and its remaining workforce "very busy."

The report cites the Personal Bankruptcy Canada firm to confirm that the studio has not filed for bankruptcy. Having said that, its St. Catharines, Ontario-based offices have been confirmed as vacated and available to lease.

Precursor Games, which consists of former Silicon Knights employees, confirmed that it had purchased key art assets from the beleaguered studio in order to revive its spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, Shadow of the Eternals.


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