Silicon Knights Had Working Eternal Darkness 2

Fine piece of journalism puts light on troubled company

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Silicon Knights Had Working Eternal Darkness 2
Silicon Knights is, in all fairness, going through what marketing folks would call 'difficult market conditions' right now.

But this doesn't mean that the beleaguered but creative team behind Too Human, lead by Denis Dyack (who is at least an interesting human involved in gaming rather than your run of the mill, bland, PR'd fodder) hasn't been working on some good stuff such as Eternal Darknes 2 for example.

There is much more and Ace Neogaf member, Mama Robotnik, has frankly embarrassed the rest of us by doing a fantastic piece of journalism on the developer.

Mama states that, "I am not a journalist, just a NeoGAF member who is good on Google and reasonable at presenting my findings. All of the information I am going to present in my research is out there in the public domain, it just needed someone to compile it. I try to reason all my conclusions but make no assurances that I?m correct."

A taster here is that games such as Eternal Darkness 2 were in work. But now it's over to Mama Robotnik and the Full piece here.


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