Sony PSP2 - Coming But This Year?

Just when you thought Phil Harrison said, "Software".

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Sony PSP2 - Coming But This Year?
Now, since the PlayStation 3 launched in the USA and Japan, head of Sony's Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison, has been going on about how 2007 is the “Year of Software”. It appears, however, that either someone’s not been inviting him to meetings, or the rising chorus that “the PlayStation Portable 2 will be here this year!” stories are wrong.

What looks like a rumour could have more to stand up on than hope, headlines and hot-air, however, if the sources we have spoken to are to be believed. While we are standing by the request for anonymity, it does appear that certain developers have already been given an inkling that PSP2 games should be in their budgets and on their schedules before the year is out.

So, what makes a PSP2? Well, two-screens (you’d be fool not to emulate Nintendo’s DS winning formula) and 8Gb internal flash memory. Also, according to Kotaku, the unit will retain the controversial UMD media format as well.

Bear in mind that Sony has categorically denied the PSP2 is coming... this year.

Yes, bear that in mind.


ozfunghi 12 Mar 2007 20:23
Lol, i can already see it on the faces of the poor saps that bought a PSP. I wonder what idiot is going to buy this, given Sony's huge support for it's portable platform that was going to last 10 years. Lol.

I'm wondering how much this puppy will cost. Are they going to downgrade the hardware to stay competitive? Are they going with current PSP specs with extra features (which would make most sense), making it cost more? Or are they going for a portable PS3 as well?

I can't wait, and i'll be laughing at the first fool that buys one.
RiseFromYourGrave 12 Mar 2007 21:27
"SPOnG" wrote:
you’d be fool not to emulate Nintendo’s DS winning formula

and you certainly wouldnt be sony :P
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Rod Todd 13 Mar 2007 07:41
Keeping the UMD and adding a second screen would be madness.

If they keep a single screen and dump UMD, and add Home, I'd probably buy one.

Alvis 13 Mar 2007 09:04
And all they needed was a second analogue stick. Camera control, sony. Logical camera control.
Joji 13 Mar 2007 16:26
Lol indeed. Its very desperate of Sony if this news is true. So its more or less gone down like I said, DS has trumped PSP against all the odds and neighsayers out there.

Would I buy another PSP? Depends on the content and I already have a psp thanks. Have to scratch my head on that one since I'm already having enough fun on DS too.

For me to buy Sony would have to resist the temptation to port PS2 games just because the hardware can handle it. On top of that Sony need to learn respect for gamers (yes even us importers too, an area that Nintendo has no problem with these days) and all kinds of games too, 2d and 3d.

Make me hate you and I'll steer clear.
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