John Romero

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Romero: Everyone at id Software Had a Hard Time With Doom News

It's not easy making ground-breaking games.

28 Aug 2012

Facebook Turns Doom Maker Cutesy News

Damn it to hell!

21 Oct 2010

John Romero Trying to Actually Make You His Bitch! News

Man we don't like does annoying thing.

10 Jul 2006

John Romero to make the Internet his bitch News

Renowned promiser promises promising game

03 Feb 2006

Romero predicts ‘something interesting’ from Nintendo’s Revolution News

No mention of television rights. Yet…

31 Jan 2005

N-Gage 2 confirmed by Romero! News

Doom man on game phone rethink

08 Mar 2004

Romero Midway move confirmed – Gauntlet gets Daikatana treatment! News

Again, Internet gossip turns out to be true.

15 Oct 2003

id-developed FPS confirmed for N-Gage! News

Red Faction sees 3D mobile gaming come of age.

27 Mar 2003

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