Facebook Turns Doom Maker Cutesy

Damn it to hell!

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Facebook Turns Doom Maker Cutesy
Facebook may have a great deal to answer for, rubbish adverts, friends breaking up, annoying updates about Farmville, but surely it's greatest crime is to turn Doom maker, John Romero into a cutesy game maker, with a title called, Ravenwood.

According to VentureBeat, "As a consultant to social gaming firm LOLapps, this kinder and gentler Romero (pictured, left) designed and built the game in the past couple of months with a team of eight artists and programmers. Ravenwood Fair debuts on Facebook today, and it is one more cog in LOLapps’ grand strategy to become a big player in social games."

Yes, LOLapps. How cute is that?

But it's Romero, surely there's a twist? "There are no shotguns", he told VB, "We’re talking about Facebook here."

We are in mourning...


deleted 21 Oct 2010 11:14
Must be running with GIGAPixels at least?
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