John Romero Trying to Actually Make You His Bitch!

Man we don't like does annoying thing.

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Romero. Who clearly lost some kind of fashion bet
Romero. Who clearly lost some kind of fashion bet
It's easy to dislike John Romero, the man who made Daikatana. The easiest way to take a disliking to him is to have your girlfriend meet him, though if you meet him alone, you'll get a good idea of why he's so unpopular. Reading anything about him will probably do it too, especially if it's something with a quote from the man responsible for Daikatana.

Like this piece, for example, in which John Romero - the man who made Daikatana, remember - says on his website: "Hey hey hey, i'm starting to grow this monster again and i'm looking for some grade AAA talent to fill us out a little more. Are you interested in joining our amazingly talented and highly motivated superstar game development team? Are you supercore enough to survive our hyperdimensional environment???!!"

SPOnG would like to point out that the use of three question marks and two exclamation points, starting his greeting with a 'Hey hey hey', and using the word 'supercore' gives this comment from Romero an extra 17 'Homocreata Daikatana Irritata' Credits.

The man who's successfully traded off of his work with id Software for way too long now, and managed to get very rich in the process - and miraculously avoiding being found out as a bit of a dick all along - is populating his latest development studio, tentatively called SlipGate Ironworks. We think that's quite a crappy name for a developer, one more evocative of a winebar located in a former mill, and inhabited by desperate, middle-aged singles.

For the record, we hear Romero's hard at work on an MMO strategy title. You can read about it here.

If you actually become Romero's bitch, please get in touch.


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