Takeshi Iizuka

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Saturn classic revered by fans around the world.

05 Jul 2011

Sonic Team: Mario & Sonic Helped Shape Sonic Colours News

Wii title going back to "series' origins."

10 Sep 2010

Sonic Team: Fans are 'Near-Impossible' to Please News

It was the different directions in the 1990s that did it.

02 Aug 2010

No Sony PlayStation 2 NiGHTS Outside Japan News

We don't want it enough

03 Dec 2007

NiGHTS - Latest from Producer, Takeshi Iizuka News

‘Felt the need to keep the game concept fundamentally the same’

23 Apr 2007

Iizuka, lead producer of Sonic 2 tells us what it’s all about News

New details for the Blue One's latest

19 Jun 2001

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