Iizuka, lead producer of Sonic 2 tells us what it’s all about

New details for the Blue One's latest

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Lead Producer and Sonic Team Project Director, Takshi Iizuka, is the man responsible for dragging Sonic the Hedgehog into the 3D age. He recently spoke at a press conference in Japan regarding the story and themes of the Dreamcast game, Sonic Adventure 2.

"The main theme is Hero and Dark,” said Iizuka. “While it may sound simplistic, it was very difficult for the development team to settle on a main theme. The staff had so many ideas in terms of focusing on the story and the action. If we had incorporated everything, the development budget would have been enormous, and we would have lost our focus. So we came up with the concept of 'Hero and Dark.' Since the concept was decided early on, development was considerably easier this time."

Speaking about the storyline of the new game, Iizuka said, “It focuses on an incident involving the whole world devised by the 'Dark' element, and the only person who can prevent it is the Hero. Specifically what happens and how the story changes in the latter half...I'd like to talk about, but I can't. I've always thought the most important aspect of action games is experiencing things. Not merely watching the story unfold, but participating in its climax. Along those lines, I'm very pleased with Sonic Adventure 2."

Sonic 2 looks set to become everything that Sonic Adventure wasn’t. A strong narrative and sensible, established production values. Bring it on!


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