LMA Manager 2007 - PC

Also known as: BDFL Manager 2007', 'F.C. Manager 2007', 'Football Manager Campionato 2007', 'Manager de Liga 2007

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Also for: Xbox 360, PS2
Viewed: Combination Combination Genre:
Strategy: Management
Sport: Football - Soccer
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Codemasters Soft. Co.: Codemasters
Publishers: Codemasters (GB)
Released: 22 Sept 2006 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
No Accessories: No Accessories


The first game in the LMA Manager series was released for the PSone in 1999, allowing players to take charge of any football club in the English Premier League or Football League Divisions 1 to 3 .The series has come a long way since then and is now in its eighth instalment with LMA Manager 2007.

Naturally, this version of the LMA series is the most extensive to date. The 2007 version offers gamers more countries, leagues and trophies. The game's also packed with more official football content then ever before, including the Coca-Cola Championship, League 1, League 2, League 3 and The Conference with all the real players, clubs, badges and trophies. Also included are all the major European leagues, including Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Holland and Scotland.

LMA Manager 2007 has the most realistic player transfer system in the franchise's history. With all-new transfer A.I. creating more realistic contract negotiations, gamers will experience added personality from individual managers and more advanced decision-making from the footballers. Other new features of the transfer system in LMA Manager 2007 include contract clauses, player-swap deals, staggered payment options and transfers in advance.

The game offers a fully updated and refined training section. It is now possible to test your audacious new tactics before match day in the 3D Training Match. You can improve the results of your training sessions by building a more advanced training ground. Another new feature is the in-depth Training Report which provides details on all your players, including the youth team. There is also a massive array of pre-set formations and tactics to choose from. Instruct your team to play in the style of a number of international and club teams from the past. Brazil 1970, Italy 1982, France 1998, Ajax 1995 and Manchester United 1999 are all at your fingertips. It is even possible to play in the style of the old 'Crazy Gang' Wimbledon team of the 1980s and Jack Charlton's Republic of Ireland side from Italia 90.

On matchday, take charge from the dugout and lead your team to the field with your own personalised manager. LMA Manager 2007 offers gamers a more effective Dugout Shouts feature than previous versions. You can shout both tactical and formation changes to your team straight from the dugout. For example, if one of your defenders is in trouble in your penalty area, then a quick shout of "Clearance!" will soon see the ball being booted up the field.

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