LMA Manager 2002 - PlayStation

Also known as: BDFL Manager 2002', 'Football Manager Campionato 2002', 'Manager de Liga 2002', 'Roger Lemerre: La Sélection des Champions 2002

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Also for: PS2
Viewed: Combination Combination Genre:
Strategy: Management
Sport: Football - Soccer
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Codemasters Soft. Co.: Codemasters
Publishers: Codemasters (GB)
Released: 2 Nov 2001 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Memory Card


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Veteran players of football management games, bow down and tug your collective forelock: LMA Manager 2002 is about to trounce the opposition and lift the silverware. Codemasters' third entry in this now overcrowded genre will have the dedicated PlayStation footy fan grinning from ear to ear. And it's not solely about management, oh no. You get to have a say in stadium development too, as well as deciding which staff to hire and which to fire.

The real deal, however, is when you take control of your favourite club, organise the training schedules, and build up to the first game of the season. And then, after half a dozen indifferent performances and poor results, a tentative dip into the transfer market after advice from your club scout, or maybe release some of the dead wood clogging up the reserves. There's always a club willing to take your unwanted staff, and the transfer market is enormous.

When you're ready to play the match, the action unfolds in full-pitch view with a scrolling commentary at the foot of the screen. This is a very neat touch, as you get to see for yourself who is playing a blinder and who's going to be substituted if they don't pull their socks up. Best of all though, are the highlights at the end of the match. Guest presenters and commentators describe the key moments, displayed in lovingly rendered close-up, and with genuine variation in the goal action.

For some, there are no truly bad football management games, but the LMA Manager series is head and shoulders above the rest, simply because of its attention to detail and user-friendly playability. The 2002 incarnation awaits you, so dust off the sheepskin, and start practicing those manic gesticulations. Oh, and say goodbye to the rest of your life.