The Charts: Six 360 Titles in Top Ten

Good news for Microsoft, pre-X06.

Posted by Staff
Just Cause
Just Cause
Despite a significant drop in sales, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy holds firm at number one in the ChartTrack All Formats Chart this week. The force is strong in this one - buy it you will!

Eidos skydives straight into the chart at number two with Just Cause, which also takes number one in both the Xbox and Xbox 360 charts. SPOnG's reviewers are currently poring over this title, so watch this space for an in-depth look at Just Cause in the very near future.

EA's ‘Winter of Sports’ begins, with the latest iteration of golfers’ favourite Tiger Woods PGA Tour putting in at a respectable number three, closely followed by Codemasters’ LMA Manager 2007 at number four.

Xbox 360 exclusives Dead Rising (Capcom) and Saints Row (THQ) slip down the top ten five places each to numbers seven and eight respectively. Atari’s much-hyped Test Drive Unlimited falls even further, dropping out of the top ten, from number five to fourteen.

THQ’s movie tie-in Cars meanwhile manages to hang in the top five at number five, with Nintendo’s phenomenal selling DS ‘maths is fun’ title Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training also holding firm, a non-mover at number six.

Finally, the Xbox 360 and PSP versions of EA’s mafia sim The Godfather push that title back up into the top ten at nine, which means that six of the top ten games this week are now available on Xbox 360. That's great news for Microsoft as they get ready to unleash their Xmas assault at X06 in Barcelona tomorrow.


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