Beyond Divinity - PC

Also known as: 'Riftrunner'
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing

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AllintheGame - launching the first UK agency dedicated to writers working in the computer games industry Press Release

Voice production and localisation company announces that it is now representing some of the best UK and US games, TV, theatre and radio scriptwriters.

16 Jun 2004

Beyond Divinity German goes gold Press Release

After months of hard work, the German version of Beyond Divinity has gone gold and will be in shops as early as April 2.

29 Mar 2004

Beyond Divinity heeds its fans Press Release

RPG developer pushes back release date to integrate community feedback.

29 Mar 2004

Talented Writer offers Divine Inspiration to Gamers Press Release

Beyond Divinity gets its own Novella.

11 Mar 2004

The Latest Adventure From the Divinity Universe Renamed Beyond Divinity Press Release

Larian Studios announced today that Beyond Divinity will officially become the new title for the latest adventure set in the Divinity Universe.

17 Dec 2003

The Quest continues Press Release

Larian Studios announces Riftrunner, the latest adventure from the Divinity universe.

11 Jun 2003

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