Final Fantasy Tactics - PlayStation

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Viewed: 2.5D Isometric, Scrolling Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Square Soft. Co.: Square
Publishers: Square (GB/US/JP)
Released: May 1997 (JP)
Unknown (GB/US)
Ratings: ESRB Teen 13+ (T)
Accessories: Memory Card


When Squaresoft began work on Final Fantasy 8, the bedazzled players of the newly released Final Fantasy 7 developed a craving. A craving for more Final Fantasy, regardless of its shape or form, for a new breed of hardcore gamers was born. And so Squaresoft released Final Fantasy Tactics, a truly memorable spin off from the legendary series.

Unlike its counterparts, Final Fantasy Tactics focuses a little less on story telling and concentrates more on strategic battle elements of play. In essence, Tactics is similar to the rest of the series in name only.

Uncannily simliar to Konami's Vandal Hearts, the battle-orientated gameplay takes place in a variety of unique environments that follow a grid-based structure. With a party of warriors, mages and archers, you must navigate the 'board', position yourself and attack for maximum effect. But the unforgiving opposition will be following your movements and will react accordingly. You must learn to efficiently use well-known spells such as Cure, Haste and Holy to swing the odds of battle in your favour. Many players will be overjoyed to know that summons make a welcome return, including the series-long veterans, Ifrit and Shiva, as well as several other new creations.

During battle, you will be rewarded with Job Points and Experience Points depending on your performance. Experience Points, as many of you will already know, help to ‘level up’ characters, whilst Job Points grant your party the ability to learn new fighting techniques. Your party can even change jobs. Whether you’re a healing Priest, a warrior Monk or a Black Mage, you must take great care with character progression. Too many summoners will leave you weak and vulnerable to an army of knights, so create a party that can accomodate any battle scenario.

There are somewhere in the region of 50 preset battles to participate in, as well as a series of random battles that can be encountered when traversing the world map. This gives players the freedom to progress in any way they see fit.

There is no doubt that Final Fantasy Tactics is a complicated title, but given a little patience you will once again succumb to the Square touch that won the hearts of millions.