Final Fantasy Tactics Update

More titbits on Squareís handheld strategy update.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Update
Itís been a few months since our last mention of the Japanese giantís newest venture onto GBA, so hereís the goss on all things Final Fantasy.

The game is now firmly pencilled in for a Japanese launch on February 14 and will cost avid fans a reasonable 5,800 Yen, around £30. This bodes well for a European launch before Christmas 2003, but (and we understand, we really do) if you canít wait that long, feel free to splash out on an import copy. Just be sure to learn the Japanese language before you do.

With regards to the ever-bewildering gameplay mechanics, new features will include Law Cards, which can be used to affect the rules of specific battles. Some cards banish the use of magic, but others are more subtle. Once again there will be the inclusion of ĎSacred Beastsí, which are, in basic Final Fantasy terminology, Summons.

The nine-strong character line up has now been confirmed, comprising of three leads and a further six supporting fighters. Ardent Final Fantasy know-it-alls will be pleased to hear the infamous Cid character is set to make his routine appearance. Further job classes have also been announced. Jugglers, Time Mages, Paladins, Fencers, Bishops and Mediators will strengthen the already comprehensive list.

Itís only a year away...


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